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guaranteed to save time through shortening the installation process.


guaranteed to save cost & reduce carbon emissions through removing material wastage.


guaranteed to mitigate risk through simplifying the roof build up structure.

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Less Is More

Traditional Planter Edge
  • Complex fixing detail
  • Substantial foundation required
  • Lengthy installation process
  • High risk of waterproof penetration
  • Excessive combined costs
  • Expected risk of exceeded loadings
Velox Rapid Edge
  • Less Components - Simple fixing detail
  • Less Material - No foundation required
  • Less Time - Rapid installation process
  • Less Risk - No risk of waterproof penetration
  • Less Cost - Budget friendly combined costs
  • Less Risk - No risk of exceeded loadings
before after
  • Podium Level
  • Ground Floor
Traditional EdgingVelox Rapid Edge
before after
before after
  • Podium Level
  • Ground Floor

Easy Construction

  • Detailed aerial & section planter edge build plans included
  • Every component clearly identified back to the build plan
  • No fixings required thanks to the simple locking system
  • All components can be handled by a two-person team
  • Simple & straightforward installation process

On Lockdown

Small but strong, the locking comb is a crucial component of the Velox Rapid Edge securing the triangular supports and planter edging in place. Unlike other commercial planter edging systems, with Velox Rapid Edge there is no plethora of nuts and bolts to cross thread or under fasten. Therefore, human error is eliminated, and problematic installs solved.


Trade Marked – VELOX Rapid Edge™

Patent Pending – GB2016654.2

Registered Design – 90082149100001

Locking mechanism

On Style

Looking great from all angles

Stapel Planter Edge

Vertica Planter Edge

Slante Planter Edge

Corrio Planter Edge

Erban Planter Edge

Strype Planter Edge

Plateu Planter Seat

Plano Planter Seat

Linean Planter Seat

Squared Planter Seat

Model Planter Seat

Boxer Planter Seat

Great Form & Strength

  • Precision formed for high strength
  • Structural guarantee
  • Light & lean loading
  • Design assurance
  • Striking planter aesthetic
before after

Natural Progression To Velox

Over a decade since the introduction of raised planter edging, it can be considered a success story. It is found everywhere, from retail parks to residential roof spaces. It is easy to see why – raised edging is a great way to accommodate urban planting with soft landscape. But like Henry Ford’s Model T, even the best innovations have plenty of scope for development. Today’s planter edging is no different from the planter edging first used 10 years ago. Over those 10 years, flaws in the original concept have surfaced such as the difficulty of installation and the reliance on unsustainable concrete. These flaws are addressed by Velox Rapid Edge.

The Pain

Traditional commercial planter edging is difficult enough to install at ground level let alone on roof tops. On roof tops, the drainage board needs to be cut, and the concrete foundation poured and allowed to dry. This is a time consuming and complex process, and concrete is an unsustainable material. Project deadlines and the risk of exceeding weight limits are ever present. Next, the planter Edge is positioned and precisely aligned, then fixed into place using thousands of fixings and power tools. Again, this is a time-consuming process made slower by the need to comply with White Finger Regulations. Water penetration is a significant consideration at roof level. When securing the planter edge to the concrete there is a risk of the fixings penetrating the waterproof layer.

Made Simple

The install process of Velox represents a quantum leap in ease of install compared to the traditional system. Here’s why; Velox is a boltless self-weighted system. This eliminates the need for cutting the drainage board and concrete foundations, reducing the carbon footprint caused by the concrete. The Velox panel & gusset system locks together with ease, which means there is no need for power tools or thousands of fixings.


  • Less time
  • Less labour


  • Less cost
  • Less carbon emissions


  • Less risk
  • Less weight

Knowledge is Power

  • Technical support
  • Discuss project savings
  • Request online CPD
  • Technical drawings
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    Precision formed

    Strong triangular geometry

    Secure by nature

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